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The enabling of the most effective and individually tolerated medication is of great concern to us. Personal medical history and possible interactions are of enormous importance here.

With STRATIPHARM we can now respond even better to the needs and predispositions of each individual customer. For example, we are now able to point out problems to the family doctor that arise from the genetic profile of his patient.

Consultation and treatment can thus be made more personal and personalized.

What exactly is STRATIPHARM?

The genetic profile of our customers is created by means of laboratory analysis and stored in the STRATIPHARM database. There it can be retrieved at any time and is available for individual drug testing.

This database contains the active ingredients on the market and their effects on the genetic constellations. For each profile there are special reference texts, important recommendations and explicit warnings, which originate from international studies and pharmacogenetic guidelines. This way one knows even before the start of drug therapy whether a certain active substance will achieve the desired success or whether another preparation would be more suitable.

The system works in a very simple way. The pharmacist or the customer himself enters the active substance into the database personalized according to the genetic type and starts the check. Immediately, the customer receives clear information on how to use the particular active ingredient. An integrated warning level system also supports the assessment of suitability. In addition, detailed explanations are given on the basis of which genetic peculiarity the positive or negative effects arise.

Drugs do not work equally well for all people. Some patients complain about more and stronger side effects than others, we all know that. But why is this so? Why do people react so differently to one and the same drug or the same therapy? What influences is the human metabolism subject to?

In 2001 the human genome was decoded. This also raised the hope of recognising and understanding the differences in the genetic make-up of each individual. Tailor-made therapies suddenly seemed possible.

Disillusionment followed, because a perfectly adapted therapy cannot be guaranteed even by a completely read-out genetic code.
But knowledge of the genome opened up completely new possibilities for investigating the behaviour of active substances under the influence of genetic variations.

Today we already understand the molecular processes so well that for many active substances it is possible to predict the efficacy and tolerability depending on the genetic code. And this is only the beginning. You as a customer and patient are already benefiting from unprecedented possibilities.

Prediction and prevention included
Predictive genetic diagnostics has so far mainly been used for early detection of hereditary diseases. However, the analysis of genetic variations can also be used preventively in the area of drug efficacy.

>For therapy-relevant mutations are inherited as well as disease-causing changes. They are therefore present in all cells and are consequently detectable from all cells, and thus also from those of an oral mucosa sample. Thus, with the help of a smear and the following analysis of the DNA, it can be determined what the best possible treatment for your genetic variation looks like.