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Bach Flower Therapy

The Bach Flower remedy goes back to the English physician and researcher Edward Bach (1886-1936) and has been systematically expanded by Mechthild Scheffer over the past 30 years.

Edward Bach discovered and developed a natural system for mental self-help through self-knowledge and self-development that is easy to use for everyone.

38 homeopathy-like prepared flower extracts from wild growing plants and trees in individually composed Bach flower mixtures are used. The Bach Flowers are free of side effects and are compatible with every form of conventional medicine and naturopathic therapy.

The Bach Flower Therapy is used today by many people in self-application and in numerous medically or therapeutically oriented practices and in counselling as well as in institutions. The application has proven to be particularly effective for children of all ages. With great success, the Bach Flowers are also used on animals.

The areas of application of Original Bach Flower therapy today

– Mental health care
Constructive handling of individual everyday problems. Desire for personality development, mental strengthening, harmonization of disharmonic behavior patterns. Largely in self-application.

– Coping with persistent mental stress and crisis />z. B. Relationship crises, educational and school problems, job loss, grief. Usually accompanying therapeutic or other specific measures. Self-application only recommended to a limited extent.

– Accompanying treatment of acute and chronic diseases
Specially proven for complaints with psychovegetative symptoms, e.g. sleep disorders, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, headaches as well as in the treatment of accompanying mental symptoms of acute and/or chronic diseases. Also in birth prevention/accompaniment and for the mental pre- and post-operative treatment of operations. Always in addition to specific treatment by a doctor, alternative practitioner, psychotherapist.