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In 1866, Moritz Peters, Master of Pharmacy in Korneuburg, looked for a job with the k.k.n.-ö. He applied to the k.k.n.-ö. governor’s office for the award of a new pharmacy business for the district of Landstraße, located on Rennweg. The Viennese pharmacist main committee did not want to approve this application b5jefürworten. Two years later, Julius Herbabny, a qualified pharmacist under pharmacist, made another attempt at this location. Although both the magistrate and the pharmacists’ committee expressed their disapproval, the governor’s office approved the application at the request of the k.k. By decree of 5 August 1869, the governor’s office, at the request of the Imperial and Royal Ministry of the Interior, approved the construction of the building, located on Rennweg, between Ungar- and Schulgasse.

By magistrate’s decree of 7 August 1869, the pharmacy committee was given the task of “issuing a bankruptcy notice”.
As a result of this procedure, Ph. Mag. Anton Mayer was definitively awarded the requested personnel pharmacy business at the specific location in Rennweg 31 (now 41). After 16 years of work, Anton Mayer died on November 5, 1896 at an advanced age. Father Anton Mayer junior managed the business for the minor heirs Theodor and Karl Mayer. From February 1909 onwards, after reaching the age of majority, the older of the two brothers, Dr. phil. Theodor Mayer, took over the pharmacy in sole ownership. On 16 February 1924 Mag. pharm. Josef Epstein (* 18 March 1876 Tarnopol, Galicia) received the concession, who formed a general partnership on 1 January 1935, but had to resign the concession on 20 February 1939. Further years followed until October 1997, when the Carolus Pharmacy was under the management of Mag. pharm. from 1 October 1997 until 28 February 2017. Christine Schmid.

On 1.3.2017 Mrs. Mag. pharm. Elisabeth Maria Pichler took over the concession of the Carolus Pharmacy. Since then we have been striving to modernise the range of services offered in the pharmacy and to expand the spectrum of services in order to meet the expectations of our customers.

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